Hello, I’m Killian Huntelaar, also known as killihu, creator and currently only administrator of VSTskins.com. If you have any question or doubt that does not appear on this page, you can write me at: info@vstskins.com

  1. Why this web?

    I made this website so that anyone can download and upload skins for plugins and audio applications.

  2. Why host the skins?

    For two main reasons:

    The first, so they do not get lost. Many skins have been published in forums or websites that no longer exist, or in download services like zippyshare where the links expire after a while.

    The second, for making it easy. I find that it is a hassle each time that to download something, you are redirected to another web with another download system.

  3. Why the txt in the zip?

    Each skin that can be downloaded from VSTskins.com is in a compressed zip. Inside the zip there is a text file "VSTskins_com.txt" so that anyone who receives the file, regardless of its origin, knows where to find more skins.

  4. What about personal information?

    This website does not collect personal information. The web only registers ip and places a cookie when the rating of a skin is voted using the star rating, to avoid double votes.

    It is possible to make comments and upload skins without having to enter an email address.

    More information in the privacy policy.

  5. Why ads?

    This website only has Google Adsense advertising to cover hosting expenses. There are no pop-ups, hidden links or monetization of downloads.

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